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Paul J. Meyer’s passion in life was helping people reach their full potential. As in everything he did, he pursued this calling with a single-minded focus. His heart for people and his caring spirit created an impact on countless lives. Each story of a life touched by Paul is a testimony to the powerful change that comes when you live out God’s calling on your life, as Paul did. Jane said that Paul’s commitment to Christ could be summed up by John Wesley’s creed:

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.

The results of Paul’s living Christianity to the fullest can be found in the following excerpts from letters of friends, co-workers and strangers that illustrate some of the ways Paul J. Meyer lived out his Christianity by the way he touched their lives.

From a young friend who Paul and Jane mentored and encouraged to attend Baylor University:

“…Paul was like a second father. It is because of Paul that I chose to attend Baylor University. …Paul was a role model and mentor. He pushed everyone he met for self-improvement because he wanted all he came into contact with to be the best they could be. He challenged and supported them in reaching their full potential, and celebrated their successes. … Paul left this life having a positive impact on the world. He imbued the qualities that make Baylor University great: Education, Vision, Thinking Global, Inspiration for Christians, Role Model and Mentor, Friendship, Family, and, most importantly, God.”

Jude L. Scott
CEO, Cayman Finance

From a friend Paul and Jane met at their church in Grand Cayman:

“Mr. Paul Meyer imparted to me several lessons about life. He taught me that a man should always keep his word; should love Jesus first and foremost; should always live his life as a testimony for Christ; should desire that everyone in the world come to Christ; should be comfortable with himself; should always seek to make others comfortable around him; and, should always give glory to God for everything with which He has been blessed to have in life. … Mr. Paul Meyer, thank you! From the first day I met you I felt you elevate my spirit and instill within me a new sense of hope and optimism. You, indeed, raised me up to be more than I thought I could be!”

Leo Day
Dean of the School of Church Music
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

From the first student to graduate from college and law school through the Meyers’ Passport to Success program:

“I desperately wanted to become a lawyer but it seemed impossible to me. … I will be forever grateful for my education at Baylor University and at Baylor School of Law that Mr. Meyer made possible. I am now a Criminal Defense attorney in Lubbock, Texas. I always remember Paul Meyer’s generosity and try to pass it forward whenever possible. His good works will continue for many years through the many people he touched directly and indirectly.”

Tom G. Stanfield, B.B.A. ’94, J.D. ’96
Attorney At Law
Lubbock, Texas

From the owner of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant near Baylor University’s campus, who first met Paul as a vacuum cleaner salesman:

“I could not imagine a better business mentor than Paul J. Meyer. Not because of what he made, but the examples of how he gave back. To this day, I’m humbled by his ability to keep God at the center of his life in the midst of an abundance of success and wealth. The effect Paul has had on those he will never meet is far beyond a ripple from a stone in a pond. It is more comparable to a boulder in a puddle. I am forever grateful for the investment he made with me to change the trajectory of my life for the better.”

David Sykora, B.B.A. ’00
Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A

From their long-time friend and Founder of Legacy Family Ministries:

“Mr. Meyer has impacted thousands of new families through his influence on Legacy Family Ministries. … As our ministry was new and growing, Mr. Meyer took a great interest in not just ‘giving me fish’ but teaching me ‘how to fish’ … A multitude of families are different because of his influence, and there is no question that our family has been directly impacted as a result of his dreams and hard work. Biblical principles have been passed from Paul J. Meyer to the next generation. Even the generation yet to be born will benefit.”

Dr. Byron Weathersbee
Legacy Family Ministries

From Paul & Jane’s pastor at their church in Grand Cayman:

“I ‘thank God on every remembrance’ of Paul Meyer! In 1979, Jane and Paul began regularly attending the First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman, making the congregation their church home when they were on the island and supporting its ministries with their generous financial gifts throughout the years that followed. Paul early on caught the vision of what God was doing through this relatively small Baptist work and always stood ready to help and/or encourage our leadership … Paul Meyer’s influence and legacy are still making a difference today. I stand with many in Grand Cayman who are eternally grateful to our Lord for the life of Paul Meyer.”

Randall L. Von Kanel, Pastor
Cayman Islands Baptist Church

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