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Humble Beginnings

Paul J. Meyer’s extraordinary life and legacy seem unlikely for a boy born into a poor immigrant family in 1928. Paul’s parents gave him something far greater than material wealth — they instilled Christian values along with strong moral principles, a robust work ethic, and a burning desire to learn and excel. These values and early life lessons were the building blocks for Paul’s stellar success.

Paul rose from humble beginnings to great wealth and great achievement, gaining acclaim and a host of admiring friends.

  • Paul was raised in very modest living conditions by his parents who lived in a
    tent when they first married in 1923. As an adult, Paul owned multiple homes
    and lavish beachfront properties in some of the world’s most sought-after
  • Paul’s first bicycle as a young boy was salvaged from a junk yard. As an adult, he owned luxury automobiles, a classic car collection featuring 1936 Fords and other rare antique vehicles, luxury boats and elite motor coaches. Paul, an avid pilot, also flew his own antique Piper Cub and traveled around the world in private jets.
  • Paul’s childhood jobs included working in the orchards and vineyards with migrant farm workers, working in a cannery, trimming trees, and digging tree stumps. As a young adult, Paul became a self-made millionaire who eventually owned dozens of companies, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

After a particularly grueling workday, young Paul asked his mother, “Am I going to have to do manual labor all my life?” His mother’s insightful response profoundly influenced Paul’s life. She put her hands on her son’s head, looked straight into his eyes, and said, “You have everything right in here to do anything and be anything you want.”

Paul later said as an adult,

“At that moment I knew the choice was mine, and everything depended on my attitude. The world’s abundance was mine to earn and to possess.”

The life lessons Paul learned from his parents didn’t stop with a positive attitude. Paul’s father, a German immigrant, was a master craftsman who instilled in his children a standard of excellence in everything they did. Paul’s mother trained as a teacher and a nurse. She nurtured Paul’s desire to learn and to teach others and to practice the principles of success in all areas of life.

Paul enthusiastically put into practice all that his parents taught him. He used the same positive attitude and “out of the box” thinking to serve him well throughout his entire life and in the world of business, where he touched the lives of millions of people by motivating them to reach their full potential.

The Legacy

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