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One of Paul J. Meyer’s favorite – and oft-quoted – verses demonstrated his single-minded focus of being a good steward for the blessings God gave him. Dr. Bill M. Hinson, Paul’s pastor and friend for more than 53 years, said he often cited Philippians 3:14, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ,” as motivation for the way he lived his life and his faith.

Paul J. Meyer believed, deeply, that the blessings in his life were not his, as he famously said, it all belonged to God. This went beyond his wealth, though, and Paul sought to steward these gifts God gave him through his wife, Jane, and his five children as diligently as he did the money he gave to missions through tithing.

“It was so refreshing to me as a young pastor to see his commitment. His Christian commitment to Christ affected everything that he did,” Dr. Hinson said. “It affected his stewardship, it affected his martial relationship, his family relationship and his testimony stood out because of the way he lived his life day by day.”

Paul J. Meyer’s faith is reflected in his priorities. Throughout his life, he always listed his priorities in the following order by importance to him: God, his wife, his family, his health and fitness, and, finally, his business.

As Paul’s success grew, Dr. Hinson said that Paul’s actions drew many similarly young and successful professionals to him. He became a role model for many in his church, as Dr. Hinson pointed out that Paul did not become distracted or sidetracked by the temptations that lead many men in his position astray.

“With Paul, his commitment was so evident in everything he did,” Dr. Hinson said. “He felt like with his Christian faith, and being faithful to his wife and his children, he didn’t have time to be distracted (by those sins).”

Paul was diligent in the stewardship of his relationship with Jane. He took time to grow his relationship and model to his children how a godly husband treats his wife, and together, they showed how a couple keeps God first in their marriage. Paul also kept his children a priority – ensuring that he was present and an active part of their lives – that he was not just the good father they expected, but that he was present as the spiritual head of their home and a great encouragement in their walks with Christ.

In his business, Paul modeled for his children how to be a Christian business leader who used his faith to strengthen his business and used the wealth he gained to further Christ’s Kingdom.

The greatest gifts Paul J. Meyer’s parents gave him were an appreciation for the blessings of life, the work ethic to use and develop his God-given abilities, and an unshakable faith in the goodness of his Creator. Paul and Jane lived out these values through their marriage, as they were of one accord, holding God first, each other second, and their families third in their shared priorities, and they have passed these gifts on to their children, knowing these intangible blessings would continue to benefit them as they had Paul and Jane.



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